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Claussen 101

Dig into our delicious fare and fresh cocktails with beautiful ocean views at Claussen 101.

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Panamá Golden Zone

Tradition at its finest, Panamá offers international cuisine and a true family atmosphere in an excellent location. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we are an excellent option any time of day.

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El Mal del Puerco

The party never ends at El Mal del Puerco, where guests enjoy inventive cocktails and live music.

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Sea Turtles & Mangroves

Experience the indelible joy of releasing turtle hatchlings into the sea during a day-long adventure at El Verde Camacho Sea Turtle Sanctuary.

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Bird Watching

Over 150 species of sea and shore birds and abundant flora make this tour a birdwatchers’ favorite.

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Deep Sea Sport Fishing

Mazatlán is one of the best places in the world for sport fishing, thanks to its abundance of marlin, sailfish, tuna…

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Onilikan Distillery

Onilikan is an artisan distillery whose processes are a true blend of European and Mexican methods.

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Experience the thrill of wake boarding and water skiing in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez.

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La Casa del Caracol

In the heart of the Historic District is La Casa del Caracol, a space for reading and imagination…

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Gus & Gus Marina

Enjoy excellent seafood while taking in the yachts and spectacular sunsets at Gus & Gus Marina.

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Kayak & Snorkel Adventure

Explore the beautiful islands of Mazatlán by kayak and snorkel secluded waters most tourists never get to see on this unique coastal adventure.

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Los Pinos Beach

Enjoyed for its large waves and peaceful shores, Los Pinos beach is a favorite among locals and surfers alike.

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El Bife Parilla Argentina

An Argentinean steakhouse specializing in prime cuts and pastas, in the heart of Mazatlán’s Historic District.

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The Cathedral

Considered the most beautiful cathedral in Mexico’s Northwest, the Basilica de La Inmaculada Concepcion is Mazatlán’s crown jewel.

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Horseback Riding

Explore the lush mystery of Stone Island on horseback, where a journey through tropical foliage and coconut groves culminates in a breezy trot along the beach.

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Mazatlán is renowned as a golfer’s paradise, offering internationally-ranked courses for players of all skill levels.

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Fresh regional cuisine is served on a beautiful oceanfront terrace with unrivaled views of Mazatlán’s bay at Ta’Café.

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Casa 46

Casa 46 is the new face of refined cuisine in Mazatlán, an elegant dining destination for world travelers.

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Sapporo Sushi

Enjoy Japanese cuisine on the shores of Mazatlán at Sapporo, where high-quality sushi is enhanced by stunning ocean views.

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El Quelite Tour

Travel back in time at El Quelite, where the red-roof colonial houses and blooming bougainvillea speak to a bygone era.

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Las Labradas: Petroglyphs

Immerse yourself in Sinaloan history at Las Labradas, a sprawling archaeological site filled with pre-writing symbols.

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Gus & Gus Golden Zone

Serving excellent dishes since 1996, Gus Gus Restaurant Bar & Grill offers al fresco dining in the heart of the Golden Zone.

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The 12 miles of sun-drenched beaches encircling Mazatlán are celebrated for their seductive beauty, stunning sunsets…

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With miles of pristine beach and rollicking ocean waves, Mazatlán is primed for bodyboarding.

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Marine Safari

Marine Safari is an unparalleled opportunity for whale and dolphin watching, as well as sightings of a fascinating variety of aquatic life.

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Panchos Restaurant Sabalo Country

Tradition at its finest, Panchos offers international cuisine and a true family atmosphere in an excellent location. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we are an excellent option any time of day.

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Experience the thrill of sailing on the Kolonahe – Marina El Cid Mazatlán’s sleek trimaran – to the verdant seclusion of Deer Island.

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Compañía Minera

Enjoy a wide variety of regional and international dishes and “cochito tatemado” specialties at Compañía Minera Restaurant & Bar.

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Water’s Edge Bistro

Housed in a beautifully restored building in Mazatlán’s Old Town, Water’s Edge Bistro couples elegant ambiance with outstanding food and service.

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Immersions with Sharks

Satisfy your thirst for adventure swimming with sharks in our acrylic tank.

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El Muchacho Alegre

Offering stellar views of both the ocean and city, Playa Norte’s El Muchacho Alegre has become a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

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Copala Tour

Savor a taste of traditional Mexico as you travel the winding Sierra Madre roads on our tour, with stops in the centuries-old villages of Malpica, Concordia, and Copala.

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La Mona Historic District

Savor handmade pizzas in the heart of the Historic District at La Mona.

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Discover Mazatlán

Experience the boardwalk, historic downtown, and the aquarium on this comprehensive tour of Mazatlán.

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Tarros Company

Delicious dishes, good beer, and great drinks make for a winning combination at Tarros.

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With three distinct areas to suit varied desires, Mazatlán’s nightlife offers something for everyone.

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Aca Los Charros

Enjoy regional Mexican cuisine in a festive atmosphere at Aca Los Charros.

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Join us as we explore the amazing depths of the Sea of Cortez, where a thrilling variety of marine life are seen regularly.

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Valentino Night Club

Long celebrated as Mazatlán’s most famous nightclub, Valentino’s delights visitors with its strobing lights, diverse music, and spectacular shows.

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Diego’s Beach House

Diego’s Beach House is fun for the whole family, peppered with hammocks and swimming pools, and boasting an unbeatable view of Bird Island.

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Tequila Distillery “Los Osuna”

Originating among the numerous “vinatas,” or agave-producing estates, the 130-year-old Los Osuna today stands as the only surviving agave plantation.

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El Cid Golf Academy

Ranked the number one golf school in America, Wright Balance Golf Academy offers year-round golf instruction at its practice facility at El Cid Golf & Country Club.

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La Mazatleca

Enjoy a fusion of seafood and Mexican cuisine at our beachfront restaurant.

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History and Culture

Savor the rich history and culture of Mazatlán, where faithfully-preserved historic buildings and colonial architecture meet narrow cobblestone streets.

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Sailing on the Sea of Cortez is at once relaxing and exhilarating, a rare joy enhanced by stunning Mazatlán views.

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Ocean Grill

One of the newer additions to the boardwalk, Ocean Grill is a seafood-centric Mexican restaurant.

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Mazatlán Aquarium

Featuring the largest seawater fish tank in Latin America, Mazatlán Aquarium is a marine life wonderland.

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Experience the unforgettable as you kayak the Mexican Pacific, where the clear and calm waters are optimal for exploring Mazatlán’s beautiful coastline.

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Tequila Factory and La Noria Tour

Steep yourself in history in La Noria, where the cobblestone streets are flanked by colonial-era homes and an iconic tequila distillery churns out Mexico’s most important liquor.

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Stone Island Tour

A day of exploring gorgeous virgin beaches, delicious beachside palapa meals, and thrilling catamaran rides awaits on our Stone Island.

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Sea Lion Monument

A tribute to the majesty of the sea lion, a species endemic to Mazatlán.

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La Casa Country

Since 1993, La Casa Country has been known for its delicious American-style Angus-quality steaks, tasty platter combinations, and Mexican specialties.

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Queen of the Seas Monument

The Queen of the Seas monument faces the ocean in a peaceful gesture to local fisherman and visiting sea travelers.

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El Bambu Restaurant & Bar

Featuring hand-made tortillas and delicious regional cheeses, El Bambu Restaurant & Bar, from-scratch Mexican cuisine.

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City Tour

Acquaint yourself with Mazatlán’s main highlights on this city tour.

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Classico is the largest chain of nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Mexico.

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Shield Monument

Built in 1959 to honor the city and state shields, there’s more to this monument than meets the eye.

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Bicycle Road Racing

Enjoy majestic ocean scenery and the malecón’s myriad sights on the longest coastal boardwalk in the world.

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Deer Monument

A testament to our city’s indigenous roots as the land of the deer.

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Carpa Olivera

The Carpa Olivera is a glamorous relic of a bygone era, with a swimming pool on the seashore.

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Bodega Los Amigos

Located in the heart of the Golden Zone, Bodega Los Amigos is known for its exceptional view of the bay and cozy atmosphere.

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Stone Island

Lush and mysterious, Stone Island will captivate your senses. A half-mile boat ride from Mazatlán, it feels worlds away.

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Pato Blanco Beach

An intimate, isolated beach ideal for those seeking peace and privacy.

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Barra al Mar

Fall in love with our oceanfront restaurant, where you’ll enjoy delicious seafood dishes and inventive cocktails in a lively atmosphere.

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La Corriente Cevichería Nais and Beach Club

Created to bring a new breed of seafood restaurants to Mazatlán, it has become a favorite haunt among those with discerning palates.

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Los Arcos

With 20 locations across Mexico, Los Arcos has developed a reputation for excellent service and exceptional seafood. Our wide variety of fresh fish dishes will delight even the most discerning palates.

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Choose your own adventure at Yuzu, where hot and cold kitchens offer different dishes in distinct atmospheres.

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El Shrimp Bucket

The Shrimp Bucket is known for its family atmosphere and excellent location, where guests enjoy spectacular views.

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Casa Loma

Four decades after its opening, Casa Loma remains one of the most prized culinary gems in Mazatlán.

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Mazatlán’s warm waters span multiple ideal spaces to observe the area’s colorful and diverse marine life.

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Pedro & Lola

Sophisticated and authentic, Pedro & Lola is an upscale Mexican restaurant in the Historic District’s iconic Machado Square. Enjoy our delicious food al fresco accompanied by live music and thoughtful service.

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Mountain Biking

Mazatlán’s diverse topography is ideal for mountain biking, where you can explore hiking trails surrounded by lush vegetation…

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Pino Suárez Open Market

Live like a local at Pino Suárez, the market where Mazatlecans do their daily shopping.

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Vittore Terrazzo Ristorante

Delight in the most exquisite specialty cuisine the city has to offer at Vittore, your Italian home in Mazatlán.

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Mariscos La Puntilla

Experience the taste of tradition at La Puntilla, offering the freshest seafood in Mazatlán.

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Fish Market, Golden Zone

Fish Market Restaurant features impeccably-prepared seafood dishes and excellent service in the heart of the Golden Zone.

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Stand-up Paddleboarding

Soak up the sun and stunning views of Mazatlán while getting a workout on your paddleboard.

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The Mazatlán’s golf courses present and new distribution of holes designed by international famous golfers.

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Bora Bora

Enjoy a variety of musical genres from world-class DJs while you lounge under one of our open-air palapas on the beach.

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Fish Market, Historic District

Fish Market Historic District is the second outpost of the seafood-centric restaurant, located on oceanfront Olas Altas Boulevard.

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Typical Villages and Pueblos Mágicos

Mazatlán’s surrounding villages and Pueblos Mágicos combine beautiful natural elements with an undeniable authenticity and historical value.

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Enjoy stunning natural landscapes, and learn about Mazatlán’s rich history and culture on our city bike tours.

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El Meson de Los Laureanos

At El Quelite’s El Meson de Los Laureanos, is a unique gastronomic experience where dishes are made using fresh local ingredients and ancestral recipes. Its a must for visitors to the charming colonial town.

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Playa Norte Beach

Playa Norte is Mazatlán’s longest beach, and our port’s main bay, offering ample opportunities for activity and relaxation.

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Lauren’s Restaurant & Bar (The Jonathon Hotel)

Enjoy a sophisticated taste of Mazatlán at The Jonathon Hotel, in the heart of the Historic District.

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Panamá Historic District

Tradition at its finest, Panamá offers international cuisine and a true family atmosphere in the beautiful Historic District.

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Pulmonia Monument

A tribute to Mazatlán’s native and most enjoyable form of transportation – the open-air golf cart.

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The most plentiful form of transportation in Mazatlán, our signature pulmonias – or open-air taxis that resemble golf carts.

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The Seaside Boardwalk or Malecón

Mazatlán’s beautiful and action-packed seaside boardwalk, or malecón, is the longest in Mexico and the second longest in the world.

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Fort and City of San Blas Tour

Travel through the jungle to catch a glimpse of the local flora and fauna, swim in a beautiful lagoon, and enjoy unforgettable moments in a colonial town.

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Banana Boat Ride

Experience the thrill of taking a ride on a banana boat! Visit one of the majestic three islands and enjoy beautiful views of the city…

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Pedro Infante Monument

A tribute to Mexican superstar Pedro Infante on Mazatlán’s boardwalk, who was known in Sinaloa as “the idol from Guamúchil.”

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Freshwater Fishing

A fisher’s paradise, Mazatlán’s waters are rich in marine life year-round.

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Life en Español

Savor contemporary Mexican cuisine and inventive drinks with friends at Life en Español.

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Jungle & Beach Tour

Marvel over lush vegetation and wildlife sightings as you explore pristine private beaches and mangrove jungles on Mazatlán’s most popular tour.

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Gran Plaza Mazatlán Mall

La Gran Plaza Mazatlán Mall has been a gathering place for local families for more than 20 years.

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Sánchez Taboada Esplanade

The public ocean-front esplanade called Glorieta Sánchez Taboada is also called a “Plazuela” or Square by locals, due to its size and its popularity.

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With the longest coastal boardwalk and second-highest natural lighthouse in the world, Mazatlán is ideal for hiking and exploring.

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Puerta de Canoas Tour

Leave the city behind and experience life in rural Mexico on our Puerto de Canoas tour, featuring an unforgettable morning in the countryside and visits to local farms.

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La Noria and Puerta de Canoas

Rich in history and culture, day trips to the 19th-century villages of La Noria and Puerta de Canoas offer a view into a forgotten time.

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La Mona La Marina

Handmade pizzas meets marina views at this Italian gem.

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City Tour Fun Bus

The only one of its kind in the Pacific Riviera, our open-air buses feature interactive games, surprises, and scenic views of Mazatlán.

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Swimming with Sea Lions

Experience the treat of a lifetime swimming with the charismatic sea lions at the Mazatlán Aquarium.

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Fresh International Seafood House

Experience this hit among Mazatlecans, where 80% of the ingredients are sourced locally.

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Enjoy the thrill of discovering the vast natural beauty of Mazatlán’s Bay from your leisurely perch aboard a catamaran.

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Turtle Release

Residents and visitors have engaged in an annual turtle release for more than two decades, helping to increase the survival rate of this endangered species by 900%.

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El Parador Español

Savor the art of Spanish cuisine at El Parador Español, Mazatlán´s paella house.

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Olas Altas Beach

Home to curiously shifting sands and sunny shores, Olas Altas Beach represents the beauty of Old Mazatlán.

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La Bohemia

Located in beautiful Machado Square, The Bohemia brings a bohemian atmosphere to the heart of the Historic District.

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Lake Picachos

Known for its abundant stores of fish, Lake Picachos has earned its reputation as a bass factory.

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Miles of coastline, breaking waves, and warm waters make Mazatlán a surfer’s paradise.

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Durango Tour

Discover the historic town of Durango and the famed Baluarte Bridge, which holds the Guinness World Record for highest suspension bridge.

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El Rosario

Crowned by its majestic cathedral, El Rosario is one of the most faithfully-preserved mission towns in the region.

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Archaeological Museum

Mazatlán’s Archaeological Museum offers a historical perspective of regional culture through archaeological pieces and…

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La Catrina Restaurant & Cantina

La Catrina is a restaurant and cantina specializing in Mexican delicacies.

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Beer Monument

Created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Pacifico Brewery in Mazatlán.

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Mexican Fiesta

Traditional dance performances, live music, and an extensive buffet make for an unforgettable evening at Mexican Fiesta.

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Cooking & Dancing Classes

Relish the pleasures of cooking, dancing, laughing and drinking alongside our famous dancing chefs.

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Galerías Mazatlán

Opened in 2013, Galerías Mazatlán offers the best in fashion, food, and entertainment.

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Sport Fishing Tour

Enjoy a day spent aboard our spectacular wood and fiberglass boats, where great catches are accompanied by flowing food and drink.

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Whale Watching

Join Onca Explorations for an exciting adventure cruising the coast of Mazatlán in search of one of the world’s most fascinating creatures: the humpback whale!

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Maz Golf

Enjoy three professional courses at one discounted green fee in this golfer’s paradise with Maz Golf.

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Excellent views and soothing ocean sounds create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying Alawa’s delicious seafood.

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Restaurante Del Pacifico

Satisfy diverse palates at Del Pacifico restaurant, serving homemade fare since 1971.

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Il Mosto

Linger in the natural beauty of our outdoor setting, where sophistication and simplicity co-mingle.

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The Lighthouse

The second-highest lighthouse built on a natural setting in the world, Mazatlán’s lighthouse sits atop Crestón Hill, 515 feet above sea level.

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Sábalo, Gaviotas and Camarón Beaches

Known as the most beautiful beaches on the Pacific coast, the boundaries of Sábalo, Gaviotas and Camarón are almost imperceptible.

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El Quelite

Walk the narrow cobblestone streets brimming with colonial architecture and bursts of bright bougainvillea in this charming town.

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Machado Square

Machado Square is the heartbeat of the Historic District, and the epicenter of Mazatlán’s cultural renaissance.

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Angela Peralta Theater

The historical storied Ángela Peralta Theater is a testament to reinvention, and stands today as one of the most significant…

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Family Monument

Created to celebrate the beginning of the 21st century, this elegant bronze sculpture depicts a Mazatlecan family.

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Mazagua Waterpark

Thrilling waterslides and relaxing swimming pools are at your fingertips at Mazagua Waterpack, with options for the entire family.

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Deer Island Tour

Discover the abundant natural beauty of Deer Island and the Bay of Mazatlán on our tour, an unforgettable journey that spans water and land.

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Mr. Lionso

Delight in the diverse flavors of Mexico at Mr. Lionso Restaurant, long recognized by customers as the best seafood in Mazatlán.

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Barracuda’s combines excellent food with thoughtful service and great music for an experience that won’t be forgotten.

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Joe’s Oyster Bar

One of the Golden Zone’s iconic destinations, Joe’s Oyster Bar sits on Mazatlán’s most famous oceanfront stretch.

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Todos Santos Mariscos Bar

Todos Santos is a family-friendly restaurant offering innovative seafood dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Maracuyá Disco Club

With a 150-square meter terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Maracuyá Restaurant & Bar boasts some of the most spectacular sunset…

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Swim with Dolphins

Join Onca Explorations on an exciting adventure to interact with the most enchanting and intriguing creatures in the sea.

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Gringo Lingo Bar & Grill

A benchmark for good food in Mazatlán, Gringo Lingo has been delighting the palates of tourists and locals for over three decades.

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Municipal Art Center

Dedicated to helping adults and children incorporate art into their daily lives, we welcome individuals at every level of skill.

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The Three Islands

Known collectively as the three islands, Bird, Deer, and Wolf islands are easily accessible from Mazatlán and an essential part of its landscape.

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Panchos Restaurant Golden Zone

Tradition at its finest, Panchos offers international cuisine and a true family atmosphere in an excellent location. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we are an excellent option any time of day.

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Art Museum

The Art Museum of Mazatlán was established in November of 1998 and is located on the corner of Sixto Osuna and…

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Deer Island

Delight in the quiet solitude of Deer Island’s exotic beaches, where the gentle surf and captivating scenery.

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Huana Coa Canopy

Huana Coa Canopy is an exciting and unforgettable ride in the Sierra Madre foothills. Enjoy the thrill of zip-lining through the mountains followed by a wild ATV tour.

Read More about Huana Coa Canopy

La Ruta Vegana

One of Mazatlán’s only 100% vegan restaurants, La Ruta Vegana proudly serves a plant-based menu in a cozy atmosphere.

Read More about La Ruta Vegana

La Tramoya

La Tramoya specializes in contemporary Mexican cuisine made with fresh, high-quality quality ingredients. Served in a friendly and informal atmosphere, our dishes satisfy diverse palates.

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Sunset Tour

Cruise the bay as you watch the sun sink into the Pacific Ocean, the coast transforming before your eyes.

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Stingrays Encounter

Feel the adrenaline and awe of being surrounded by stingrays.

Read More about Stingrays Encounter

Cerritos and Brujas Beach

Dotted with but a few hotels, charming Cerritos is the most exotic, semi-virgin beach in Mazatlán.

Read More about Cerritos and Brujas Beach

Vintage Bar Mazatlán

Enjoy exotic cocktails and views of Machado Square as you listen to classic hits from the 70s and 80s.

Read More about Vintage Bar Mazatlán

Hobie Cat

At once adventurous and relaxing, a ride on the Hobie Cat offers stunning ocean vistas and up-close views of the nearby islands.

Read More about Hobie Cat

La Sabina

Enjoy delectable dishes and delicious drinks accompanied by live music at La Sabina.

Read More about La Sabina

El Cielo

Enjoy traditional Mexican specialties al fresco at El Cielo, located in verdant Machado Square.

Read More about El Cielo

The Cliff Divers

Delight in the adrenaline-pumping excitement of watching Mazatlán’s own cliff divers plummet toward the Pacific Ocean…

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Wave Runners

Heart-pumping excitement meets stunning city views on our wave runners.

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City Forest

One of the most captivating attractions, it is a respite from the urban center, a place to connect with the diverse local flora and fauna.

Read More about City Forest

El Condimento

Excellent food and distinguished service with beautiful sea views.

Read More about El Condimento

La Costa Marinera

La Costa Marinera has been offering a wide variety of dishes and stellar Pacific Ocean views since 1988.

Read More about La Costa Marinera

Hector’s Bistro

Hector’s Bistro offers an extensive menu specializing in international delicacies and delicious drinks in the Historic District.

Read More about Hector’s Bistro


Feel the high-adrenaline excitement of kitesurfing in the waters of Mazatlán.

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El Salto Lake

El Salto is the most famous bass fishing lake in the world, known for the thousands of huge bass caught and released back…

Read More about El Salto Lake

Sea Shell City Museum

Featuring an extensive collection of seashells – including a giant fountain constructed from shells from all over the world.

Read More about Sea Shell City Museum

El Cuchupetas

Frequented by politicians and international luminaries, El Cuchupetas has earned itself a reputation that extends beyond Sinaloa.

Read More about El Cuchupetas

El Presidio

Like stepping into a magical secret garden, the atmosphere at El Presidio is rivaled only by its cuisine. Enjoy refined Mexican fare and an extensive wine list inside the historic Casa Garcia.

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Mazatlán is the tennis buff’s dream come true, offering state of the art beachfront courts and facilities.

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Sport Fishing

Mazatlán is renowned between fishermen as one of the biggest fish trap in the world, as it is located where the Pacific Ocean meets with the Sea of Cortez.

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Topolo Restaurant and Wine Bar is a five-star establishment located in the beautiful historic section of Mazatlán.

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Privé Mazatlán

Modern meets and exclusive at Privé, where good music and great atmosphere make for an unforgettable experience.

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El Bebedero Marina

El Bebedero: The place of true beer lovers and good times!

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Parachute Riding

Experience unparalleled sights and the ineffable joy of soaring through the sky on a parachute ride.

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